What is 

“The Kozy” ?

The Kozy is the self-confidence and awareness of one’s own ability to manifest a positive aura & healthy mindset. Dwelling in negative situations can only create negative outcomes. With the Kozy way, any negative situation can be overcame by a progressive mindset and comfortability that YOU control.

Through love & positivity, The Kozy Conglomerate, made up of different creatives in music, fashion, and art was created for all artists to collaborate on ideas to create a euphoric wave that is both timeless & priceless. Anybody can be Kozy, it’s how you respond to pressure. 


The Rose - Red roses symbolize love, passion, desire, and romance. They can also express gratitude, appreciation, congratulations, commitment, beauty, or devotion. Each member of the Conglomerate contributes a significant piece to the overall success. Receiving your flowers while still here, we also grew from concrete. Metaphoric to the struggles we overcame to bring The Conglomerate together. 

The Heart - The heart is seen as being the center of the body and is associated with the idea of life and energy. This is why the heart symbol is often used to express good health and well-being. The heart is often used as a symbol for faith and hope. Trusting in each other, the heart fuels the positivity & our connection to one another. Selfless, the Heart indicates our commitment to The Conglomerate.

The Wolf - The Native Wolf Symbol represents loyalty, strong family ties, good communication, education, understanding, and intelligence. Of all land animals, the Wolf has the strongest supernatural powers and is the most accomplished hunter. The importance of the wolf is that we all can thrive individually, but work better in a pack. The Conglomerate is a family, bonded by loyalty and understanding. 

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