The Conglomerate

Meet some of the members of the Kozy conglomerate 

Arzavia “Randy” Dobard

Quality Assurance / Quality Control Manager

Arzavia's goals are to inspire and positively make a change in the world as an entrepreneur.  He plans on accomplishing his goals by providing innovative and leading-edge solutions while learning new concepts and applications. He would like to serve his community by providing resources with a team that gives back and shows how efficiency can change lives — on even the slightest scale. Functional yet creative solutions that aren’t typically seen are what he strives toward when serving others. Not only is he proficient in architecture but an array of other disciplines such as UX/UI, graphic design, business operations, project management, finance, and much more. Arzavia loves working alongside individuals who share his passion for building communities, especially those that suffer from adversity.

Tyree "TK" Garcia

A&R/Creative director

Hey it’s TK creative director & co-founder of the Kozy Conglomerate, I handle the A&R and creative director side of things. Born & raised in Houston..Southwest Alief Texas to be exact, but now based in San Diego, CA by way of San Antonio, TX remotely finishing an electrical engineering degree while working in tech. Circa ‘10 at UTSA was my start of collaborating and pushing The Kozy.

Started off as a music producer, still loosely involved in that process but mainly a pusher of creative and culture! Always looking ahead to know what may lie around the corner regarding market trends/culture, staying in the know, creating the new norms, and using statistical buffers to ensure success.

Kozy in my definition is just being comfortable and confident in any and every state of being! Never moved, never sped up just moving to the beat of your own drum no outside influence navigating YOUR comfort. - TK

Ajah Monet

The Multi hyphenate Creative🎨

Fuelled by an unyielding love for music, DJ Ajah Monet effortlessly weaves beats that resonate with a unique rhythm. Intrigued by the DJ craft since her party days, Ajah immersed herself in the art, drawing inspiration from her late brother, a mentor in music production.

🎚️ DJ Journey: From Booth to Spotlight
Officially stepping into the DJ scene in late 2023, Ajah has graced major Austin venues and earned a coveted spot at SXSW. Her influences, A-TRAK & Jazzy Jeff, echo in her open format style, captivating audiences in clubs and private events.

🖌️ Rug Artistry: Crafted by Ajah Monet
Beyond the turntables, Ajah’s artistic journey extends to crafting bespoke rugs. What sets her creations apart isn’t just the intricate handwork, but the personality she brings to each piece. Having tufted rugs for icons like Lil Wayne, Lil Baby, and Travis Scott, Ajah’s rugs are more than décor—they’re a fusion of passion and creativity.

👟 Sneaker Love Meets Rug Magic
Influenced by a deep love for sneakers, fashion, and art, Ajah embarked on rug making after stumbling upon a sneaker rug on YouTube. Now, she passionately shares her unique creations at events, intertwining her personality with her artistry.

🌠 Aspirations Beyond the Decks and Tufting Frame
Aspiring to be more than a DJ, Ajah Monet aims to be an influential artist and producer. Her mission: inspire others to pour themselves into their art, embrace uniqueness, and spark inspiration in every creation.

🌟 Ajah Monet: Where Beats, Threads, and Dreams Converge

Roberto Adrian "AD" Rodriguez


widely recognized as "AD," serves as the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of DiverCity Artistry, an esteemed entity in the realm of Artistic Expression. Hailing from the vibrant city of Chicago, AD orchestrates a myriad of Private operations, discreetly influencing and collaborating with various Artists and Companies.

His entrepreneurial journey unfolds from a convergence of diverse hobbies, meticulously transformed into a thriving business venture, epitomized by DiverCity Artistry. As a versatile Artist and accomplished Video-Cinematographer, AD has traversed a spectrum of creative endeavors, spanning Painting Canvases, crafting Large Murals, Airbrushing, Body Painting, Photography, Videography, Graphic Design, Sign Painting, Traditional and 3D Graffiti, Calligraphy, Sculpturing, and an array of other Artistic disciplines.

A stalwart member of the esteemed Kozy Conglomerate, AD engages in collaborative ventures with fellow like-minded Artists, contributing to the continual development and redefinition of Artistic Landscapes. Committed to perpetual growth and proficiency, he dedicates himself to refining his skills, using every available technique to propel his Artistic endeavors forward.

In his pursuit of excellence, AD remains devoted to the constant honing of his craft, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to efficiency and skill enhancement. His membership in the Kozy Conglomerate serves as a testament to his dedication to the relentless pursuit of Artistic innovation and collaboration within the ever-evolving realm of creativity.

- AD 🌹

Dell Harris

A&R / Music Production

Dell Harris is a talented and innovative Lofi jazz beat producer hailing from ATL. With a unique style that seamlessly blends jazz influences with hazy Lofi textures, Dell Harris has quickly made a name for himself in the music industry.

Drawing inspiration from the likes of J Dilla, Flying Lotus, Tricky, and Juicy J, Dell Harris has crafted a signature sound that captivates listeners with its dreamy melodies and infectious beats. His ability to create intricate and captivating compositions has earned him recognition from both critics and fans alike.

Dell Harris' musical journey has been peppered with numerous accomplishments. He has been fortunate enough to grace the stages of prestigious events such as South by South West and EDC, where his electrifying performances have left audiences in awe. Additionally, Dell Harris has been featured on renowned platforms such as Sway in the Morning and MTV, further solidifying his status as a rising star in the industry.

Not only is Dell Harris an accomplished performer, but he is also a highly sought-after producer. Having worked with esteemed artists such as Trinidad James, Lil B, Rell, and even the late Charlie Murphy, Dell Harris has showcased his versatility and ability to bring out the best in any collaborator.

Currently, Dell Harris is immersed in two exciting projects. The first, "Unnamed Mane," promises to be a groundbreaking exploration of his musical evolution, pushing the boundaries of Lofi jazz even further. The second project, "Jazz Side," is set to showcase his deep appreciation for jazz music, intertwining classic influences with his contemporary sound.

With his undeniable talent and impressive track record, Dell Harris is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. As he continues to push the boundaries of his craft and captivate audiences worldwide, it is clear that he is destined for greatness. Keep an eye out for Dell Harris as he continues to innovate and make waves in the world of Lofi jazz.  Being Kozy is being in the fire, mandem never hot! Even though that’s a joke, I always would rather be warm than cold, and that same motto is essential to my music career. Heat and pressure has consistently produced the diamonds for me so I bask in uncomfortable spaces, in comfort.



I’m Remi and I am the Fashion Director and co-founder of the Kozy Conglomerate. Born and raised in Houston Tx I have always been influenced by the city that I come from. Fashion has always been a form of expression and creating my own brand is the ultimate form of expression for myself. I choose to create my own brand to share my opinion on fashion and what I feel is missing from the culture. Kozy is understanding that you’re different and that it’s ok to stand on it. 

Deray a.k.a "Naybahood Boog"


Yo, my name is DeRay, but everybody just call me Boog!!!  Im’a athlete, I’ma trainer (Prolific Performance Fitness, LLC), I take care of people (Feel @ Home Healthcare, LLC) but the more I maneuver, the more I navigate life, the more I learn, the more I grow, the more health, fitness, music and fashion fuel my lifestyle!!! I wouldn’t say I’ma rapper, i wouldn’t say I’ma designer, I kinda just create vibes people can relate to!!! I do a little bit of this, I do a little bit of that, i do a little bit of everything, I just adapt!!! I wake up everyday say my prayers, make my bed and I adapt! I keep it real even tho sometimes it’s a slow kill, when all else fails I remain G, I stay super KOZY!!!
- Sincerely Boog!

Timothy “7XII” Jones


Timothy, known as 7XII, is a music producer from Milwaukee, WI. 7XIIs sound is very versatile as he draws his influence from the Midwest, down south (Atlanta), and the west coast. Timothy, Being a 2014 Morehouse Alumnus, allowed  him to gain exposure to the modern Atlanta “trap sound”. This is a signature part of 7XIIs productions which has gotten the attention of many, making him an in demand producer.Since graduating, Jones, has lived in Dallas, Texas and currently living in Los Angeles. 7XII has worked with a variety of upcoming and emerging artist. His career started in 2015 after graduating college, however music has been a part of Timothys background since grade school. 7XIIs main passion is to work with like minded creatives and deliver timeless music. 7XII, over the years has become an in demand name as he is growing and expanding his catalog. Staying Kozy means being comfortable and confident at what you’re pursuing. 


Fashion / Shoe Artistry

Being a daredevil and adventurous can sum up alot about me. Born and raised in Houston, TX my roots of creativity has a tremendous influence on my art. With a humorous and creative wild side within my character, I have a pure passion for art in any form of creating. The movement and flow of art moves my soul to every line crossing a surface. To the natural beauty of color that gives warmth and a touch of bliss. These are many feelings that I experience along my journey of creating with multiple mediums. My journey started as an Illustrator, which has blossomed into other various skill sets acquired to my arsenal of creativity. My repertoire expanded to graphic design, murals, and custom shoes. Always believe in yourself and trust the process! You never know what you can accomplish if you don't try! 

Being "Kozy" represents a culture within its own. Staying true to your morals and being comfortable in your own skin. Providing that positive aura that radiates infinitely on a 365 basis! Remaining humble and grounded through thick and thin. The weather always changes just remember to keep it Kozy! 🌹🎨

Misfit Lou


I’m exactly what my name says! I only know how to take roads less traveled. As soon I accepted that I was different, I also accepted that I won’t be what some people would want me to be, that’s just the process of becoming bigger than the herd . I’m currently in school for process technician and teaching myself audio engineering to chase the lifestyle that we call “KOZY” . It’s more than just a business it’s a way of living , and if you’re anything like me you have to learn to control the flame. Beautiful organized destruction! Keep it cozy