"Music should be more than just heard—it should be felt. It shouldn't merely exist for a fleeting moment, but rather, it should be timeless, maturing gracefully like the finest wines. Kenno and Tjonez embarked on a mission to revolutionize the way we experience music. Their collaboration melds timeless melodies that transport you on a cinematic voyage. Coupled with the evocative word art crafted by the wordsmith himself, they achieve a harmonious balance, perfectly exemplifying the essence of duality. This is, KozySZN Vol. 1" 

Thank you for taking the time to listen and we hope that you enjoy this album just as much as we enjoyed making it. 🌹 

[The Kozy Conglomerate] 

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What is your Favorite song on KozySZN Vol.1?

Konglomerated 8
Big Kozy 3
HeartBreaKenno 1
Rollin' Loud (Interlude) 2
SouLonely Pt. 2 2
$outhSiders 1
Motion Man 5
Full Circle 6
D2M 2
Rendezvous 1
Kozy Interlude (The Wave) 1
She Loves Me Not 2
Duality 4
38 responses